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 By Paul Bergstrom, November 2, 2012


When Obama was elected, I very honestly tried to give him a chance, even though I disagreed with his basic view of government.  But the candidate who spoke eloquently of “hope and change” actually governed using the most unpleasant aspects of “politics as usual”.  (In fact, he has become such an unpleasant politician, that even if he wins, I take comfort knowing he will not be able to accomplish as much as a more polished liberal.)


· Candidate Obama talked about “no red states or blue states, only the United States”. But President Obama has passed his biggest programs without considering opposing views (not a single Republican vote for Obamacare!). He has publically insulted individual congressmen and even Supreme Court justices for disagreeing with him.  I have never seen him even try to compromise– he only bullies the other side.


· I especially hoped electing a black president would bring racial healing to our country.  Unfortunately Obama has actually inflamed racial hatred instead. I think he has set race relations back by a generation— how far we have fallen from MLK’s dream of equality!


· I think his economic “stimulus” programs and bailouts were unfathomably wasteful. They were convenient excuses to  pay off politically connected people at the expense of everyone else.


· I believe “Obamacare” is exactly what we do not need to fix the healthcare problems in our country. (Yes, we have a problem– but the solution is to allow more individual decision-making, not less. Government’s role should be to regulate safety and to assist people who cannot afford private insurance, NOT to “take over” the whole health care system!)


· Internationally, Obama seems to antagonize our allies and yet he appears weak to the truly evil governments of the world. He seems to purposely insult Israel, but he bows to other leaders.  I cannot understand why he did not speak up for dissidents in Iran. The Libya embassy fiasco is at best incompetent, but it appears as though Obama valued a political posture more than he valued American lives including an ambassador.


· Whatever actually happened in Libya, President Obama’s attempt to blame a YouTube video for weeks, instead of taking responsibility for what happened, indicates terrible character flaws: he blames others for his troubles, he blatantly lies about facts, and most troubling is that he expected to get away with it—what sheer arrogance!


· Politics is often ugly, but the Obama campaign has taken it even lower. I have never before heard a president publicly curse (he called Romney a Bull****er), or compare voting to having sex (that ad with Lena Dunham)

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