GEA’s main web site

This is the web site for the parent company in Germany.  Paul works for this organization.

Paul works for GEA Farm Technologies in Germany, out of our home.  He is a software developer for the “dairyplan” project.  This program controls GEA’s automatic milking and feeding equipment on dairy farms, and analyses the information collected to improve management of the dairy.


Paul originally designed and developed this program in 1985.  Since then it has been translated into more than 30 languages for use on dairy farms all around the world.  Paul now works with a development team to continue additions and improvements to the product.

Dairyplan Release Page

This page has the latest release versions of dairyplan, the program Paul works on.

Paul’s Development Page

This is page relates to Paul’s current work projects.  You must enter a user ID and password to access this site.

Links to Paul’s Work Sites

Text Box: By the way, this “pbergstrom” web site is not paid for with any GEA money.