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"W" gets my vote in 2004. Here's why:

1) I generally agree with the conservative political philosophy.

2) I trust W's character more than most politicians. His many critics notwithstanding, I believe he has done what he honestly thinks is right at each step during his first four years.

3) In contrast, John Kerry strikes me as a particularly poor candidate, with
both inadequate character and policies I disagree with.

4) I believe John Kerry and the democrats generally are running
against W, not for anything in particular.  Although they vehemently criticize W on Iraq - and everything else - they do not have a better plan.

"Vote for W" Opening Page
Why I am a conservative
I trust Bush
John Kerry a poor candidate
Dems only against Bush
Was Iraq justified?
Iraq Aftermath
Did Bush lie about WMD?
Flawed intelligence
A political war?
The Swift Boat Vets

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