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Did Bush start the war for political or economic purposes?

By Paul Bergstrom, Oct 26, 2004

I can
prove this accusation wrong simply by pointing out the practical results of Bush's actions.  The war in Iraq was never popular. He took an enormous personal risk waging this war, and if he loses in November it will be because of it.  If he had fought in Afghanistan and then quit, he would be far more popular today!  But Bush thought it was right to continue into Iraq in spite of the political risk to himself personally.

As to economics, one of the opposing arguments is that the US taxpayer has had to foot the bill:  $87 billion and counting.  Oil prices are higher now than usual. So it makes no sense to accuse bush of economic motives.

As to "Bush wanted to make his oil buddies rich", well, none of them
got rich because of the war! The nutty conspiracy theories in Moore's "Fahrenheit 911" film just don't make any sense.

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