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Why I trust Bush's Character

By Paul Bergstrom, Oct 26, 2004

I believe he has done what he thinks is right, even when it was not popular. Even his critics acknowledge this when they accuse him of being stupid and stubborn for pursuing the war in Iraq (see below for my opinions about Iraq).  The worst his critics can say of his character is "he lied about WMD" - a charge which I easily dismiss; see "Did Bush Lie about WMD".

I am convinced Bush's Christian faith is heart-felt, as opposed to a political act.  One proof is that it generates a lot more criticism than benefit.  This in itself does not make someone a good president (think Jimmy Carter), but in my opinion it is a plus.

See Bush's Christian Testimony on my web site.

Interestingly, Clinton mentioned Jesus more than Bush, and spoke more often in churches - yet Bush is more often accused of mixing religion and politics.  See Undivine Double Standard by Paul Kengor, National Review Online.

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