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Why John Kerry is an unusually poor candidate

By Paul Bergstrom, Oct 26, 2004

John Kerry bristles at the "attacks on his patriotism" by the Swift Boat Veterans.  Yet their charges seem credible - and he himself has invited such criticism by making his Vietnam service a major part of his campaign.  See below for further discussion of the Swift Boat Veterans.

Even giving John Kerry all benefit of doubts and assuming he was a Vietnam War hero, his behavior as a war protestor afterwards disqualifies him as president. 
Not that he objected to the war but the way he did it - saying things to congress and on national television which he now acknowledges were "exaggerations" but I see as self-serving lies which in fact caused his fellow soldiers great harm.

Given that history, his attempts now to portray himself as a "defender of our country" strike me as unbelievably hypocritical, even for a politician.

And of course I disagree with his liberal policies.

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